KUNI Maskinfabrik

+45 8682 3944

KUNI Maskinfabrik

+45 8682 3944

KUNI Maskinfabrik

Specialists within presses and adhesive equipment for the industry

Kuni – Sennerskov – Smetek

Nyhed: Bæredygtighed på 183 ton

Service and subcontractor work

Besides offering expertise in the above mentioned areas KUNI Maskinfabrik A/S also puts its very broad production equipment as well as technical staff at disposal to carry out new development projects.
Naturally, we are also available and happy to be of assistance for various kinds of subcontracting.


  • Replacing the seals in the cylinder
  • Milling off of platens
  • Reconstruction of hydraulics
  • Stop time measurement
  • Annual statutory inspection
  • Sale of press foil

Adhesive machines

  • Grinding and grooving of the rollers
  • Rerubbering of rollers
  • Repair of bearings on rollers
  • Repair of all mechanical parts
  • Manufacturing and installation of security guards

Sanding machines

  • Service and spare parts
  • Grinding and grooving of the rollers
  • Sanding of through-feed belt
  • Basic setting of aggregates
  • Milling off of polishing tables

Lacquer roller machines

  • Grinding of lacquer/optiroll rollers
  • Rerubbering of lacquer rollers
  • Hard chrome of dosing rollers
  • Repair of diaphragm pumps

We have been working with presses and adhesive machines since 1981

KUNI Maskinfabrik

KUNI Maskinfabrik A/S was founded in 1981 and has ever since been servicing the Danish woodworking industry.


In 2004 and 2009 respectively
KUNI A/S extended the production by buying up the two well-reputed press factories.